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Capacitive Sensor
Torch Motor Driver
Stepper Motor Interface
Stand Alone Mach3
Torch Lifter Interface
Relay Board
Plasma Cutter Retrofit
Motor Speed Controller
Capacitive Sensor
THC Torch Height Controller ( Torch Standoff Control )
Height Sensor for Plasma Cutter and for Oxy Fuel Cutter
H-Bridge 9
Motor Driver for Torch Z axis in CAP04 application 

Stepper Motor Interface

New CAP-STP11  for 2 or 3 axis Mach3 (or other controller/software) Stepper Interface Board. SOLVE ALL PROBLEMS FOR THC CONTROLLING, ESPECIALLY USB BREAKOUT BOARDS

Stand Alone Torch Lifter Interface Board

CAP-HB02  for 2 axis Mach3 (or other controller/software) Stand Alone Torch Lifter Interface Board

Breakout Board for Cap04 and Cap04-V for Mach3 
2.LPT Port Breakout Opto isolated I/O Board
RL09-4 Relay Board
Output board with 4 relays
Plasma Cutter Retrofit
        Torchmate (TM) Retrofit
DC Motor Speed Controller
        Speed Control up to 1.5 HP 180VDC Motors
Stock IC
        Stock IC & Component List