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F2300 Interface
F2300 Interface Mach3 & Sheetcam Connections & Drawings 2.Port Interface Capacitive & Voltage THC ADTECH Application Torchmate Application Cap04 PWM Function Cap02 Customer's Feedback Cap04-9 Prices




Cap04 Interface Card for Stand Alone Z axis


  • Can be used for both Plasma and Oxy Cutting. You can use 1 Cap04 for both or separately.

F2300 Connections:

Outputs:     Inposition for IHS and Touch for Crash Detection

Inputs:        Manual Down

                    Manual Up

                    IHS Check




Motor Outputs: Up and Down with PWM, which makes the Z axis motion smooth

                              (PWM  generated by Cap04)


  • During downward movement by the operator, with the help of our circuit, Torch never goes down for more than cutting level.  This is the most common operator's fault, for the Torch Crashing




F2300 Input Card and Output Card with LEDs.


  • You can easily observe inputs and outputs status with LEDs.

  • You can add Inputs and Outputs without preparing new input and output cables after installation is finished.

  • It also helps wiring fault detection and for broken cables in a long time usage.


Differential Stepper Motor Interface Card with LEDs

  • You can use long cable to the Stepper Motor Driver without being affected by any electrical noise due to differential signals.