Torch Motor Driver


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Price H-Bridge9


For Building a Torch Lifter -Torch Levitator

New H-Bridge-9 with Adjustable Current Control

Motor Controller / Driver

  • Drive 24V  5Amper / 100W Brushed DC Motor

  • Power FETs are 55V 70A

  • Operation range can be adjust for 18V up to 120VDC (during on order)

  • Opto coupler isolated inputs

  • Brake / Idle control is also possible. See  table below

  • Can be use with CAP04, driving Torch Z axis motor for UP and DOWN control.

  • Adjustable Current allows you to limit the TORQUE of motor (Tension Control)

  • Limit Switch Inputs can provide only one direction rotation. There is no need additional relay and directonal diodes.

  • Input and output connectors are possible to mount vertically for space saving. (Please inform us during on order)



A and B inputs are for DIRECTON and SPEED control

     Low Speed

% 50 Speed

High Speed




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