Stepper Motor Interface


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Price CapSTP11

Real Time Z axis Controlling for THC with Mach3

Most of USB Mach3 controller board has a delay and it is not suitable for THC

Some Ethernet Mach3 controller  not suitable for THC also, the solution is :

CAP-STP11 Stepper Controller


 Perfect Solution for Multi-Head Cutting



Stand Alone and Mach3 Controlled Z xis Screen


 INPUT configuration for Probe function:

Cap04 IN POSITION output >>>>connect to>>> INPUT 1 and defines as a PROBE also


The  other Inputs can be connected and defined as user request:

Ca04 DOWN output >>>>connect to>>> Mach3 THC Down input for LED.

Ca04 UP output >>>>connect to>>> Mach3 THC Up input for LED.



Output Configuration for ENABLE (DISABLE) signal:

For Transfer Switch function between Mach3 and CapSTP11 for Z axis control 



The  other outputs connected as user request.




Rename your M3, M5,  or M03, M05 macros, then download M03, M05. macros to your  same "Macro" directory 

(check your directory name if it is different) Dowload and unzip, rename to M3.m1S  Download and unzip, ename to M5.m1S


Download  Screen Set file file, unzip and copy to \ Mach3 \.directory


Download CapSTP11 Manual.pdf file 










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