Torchmate Application


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Torchmate (TM) Application :

Greatest and most common problems with TORCHMATE or same type height controllers have been torch head diving. Torch head under TORCHMATE control, touch the cut material and it actually might push it down until the Z motor is stopped. When the head travels upwards, material may also change height upwards just before cutting begins. We actually observed many head crashes with expensive replacements following afterwards, with much time spent as well. CAP01 relieve this problem due to contactless and fast sensing. Cap01 is the correct option for THC and even with a few cutting heads saved they are worth every dollar spent, especially when one considers also the time and materials saved.

Key Benefits

  • Higher speed due to non contact operation.
  • Prevents crash during piercing.
  • Prevents the torch from diving into workpiece during corners.
  • Allows the arc voltage control to be disabled while cutting.
  • Please call for Torchmate's (TM) lifter motor software modification. ( Free )



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