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NEW Fully Opto Isolated Breakout Board for LPT1 4 axis and 5 input with Charge Pump and Relay


Coming Soon

Voltage Controlled THC, operates with Capacitive Sensor .

There is no need to touch cutting material, switches, springs....

Or annoying spring effect of metal.

Solution is:


Initial Height (IHS) for piercing, controlled by capacitive sensor

Not on/off control, VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL for Z axis with PWM, for smooth movement.

High torque DC motor with BRAKE function


Magnetic torch mount collision break-away with E-STOP sensor

Excellent Solution:

Magnetic Breakaway for Torch Head with Capacitive Sensor

Magnetic breakaway for consistent positioning during cutting and retention after collision or consumable change.

Powerful magnets and keyed mounting plate for fast and repeatable repositioning of the torch.

This type of design was not worked properly